Private TW Sweetheart - page 9

“Are you ready for the long journey across theThames through the summer
Kent villages andonward toFolkestoneHarbour, the town by the sea?” asked
“Yes, Tommy, all packedand ready.”
When theywere settled they noticed a private sitting in the corner of the train
quietly reading a book calledTheWar ThatWill EndWars byHGWells, who
hadonce lived inFolkestone and hadwritten a number of newspaper articles
on the subject. Some of theboys inhis regiment were not convinced that
Wellswas right.
Another private, trying to escape from reality, was reading oneof the author’s
fictional books,War of theWorlds.
“What’s that book about, Tommy?”
“It’s amilitary science fiction
book about Martians taking
over theworld,” saidTommy
“Martians!” gasped
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