Private TW Sweetheart - page 8

It was 10 o’clockwhen they finally reachedVictoriaStation. Trains filled the
platforms. The smell of piping hot coal and the steam it produced filled the
stationwith amisty, fog-likemixture. The hustle and bustleof soldiers fromall
ranks and regiments boarding the train sounded the same as the roll of drums
that had luredTommy to be recruited back in 1914.
Women and children saying their goodbyes - they knew the drill - filled the
platform. Therewere all manner of soldiers, officers andRedCross nurses
from right across the country that day.
They boarded the train andwere squashed together like a tin of sardines.
Rowupon row of soldiers lined thewooden seats andmilitary bags lined the
walls. The stationmaster’swhistle blew and, with a toot and a puff of steam,
theywere finally on their way.
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