Private TW Sweetheart - page 6

touchedhis head for luck and shouted “TouchWood”.
Like a bolt of lightning, PrivateSweetheart flew out of Tommy’s pocket, hands
touching his head. He started spinning in the air, around and around and
around then, still spinning, his capbegan to lift off his head and created a
whirlpool of poppies and rosemary. Then his cap disappeared and changed
intoa tin hat which fell comfortably on tohis head. SlowlyPrivateSweetheart
stopped spinningand came to a halt.As he did so he sang:
Touchmy head, and say ‘TouchWood’,
I bringgood luck to all those good,
To speedmy feet they’ve cupidwings, my hat changeswhen I spin,
Rosemary and poppies changemy hat into tin, now I can solve almost
“Now, I can solveproblemswithmy tin hat and kept you safe fromharm,
Tommy.Whenweare at TheSommedigging tunnels I will knowwhat todo!”
“Thank you, PrivateSweetheart. I will call upon you to use your special
powers to helpmewhen I am in need. I think I shall need you inFrance on
the front line. Fall back in, solder. Right turn! Quickmarch! Left, right, left,
right left, right,” orderedTommy.
PrivateSweetheart marched in the air right back intoTommy’s trench pocket.
Hismindwas filledwithwonder about the task theywere about to fill and the
journey theywere about tomake.
“Well, it’s onward toFolkestone, the town by the sea, then off to the front for
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