Private TW Sweetheart - page 5

Tommy’s pocket felt waterloggedand looked dark and dingy.Withwooden
beams andbevelled steel walls. Sand bags andwooden posts lined thewalls
and the floor was damp andmuddy. Over on one side of the pocket a small
wooden bed lay over a big pile of mud.
“I’ll beup tomy eyes inmud in here! Thiswill definitely need digging out. Oh
well, I’ll have tomake themost it!” sighedPrivateSweetheart, while placing
hismilitary equipment on hiswooden bed.
“Have you got your haversackwith all your rations, PrivateSweetheart?
You’regoing to need thosewhenwe get toFrance,” questionedTommy,
looking downat him inhis pocket.
Well now, let me check!
Out of his haversack, a small square bagwithgold findings, Private
Sweetheart produced his rations, which included:
Apenny for luck
Two biscuits, whichwere square and very hard.
A tin of bully beef
Meat lozenges (“meat lozenges?Yuck!” criedPrivateSweetheart, while
shaking his head in disgust).
Grocery rations and a knife, fork, spoon andmug, which he placed neatly on
“Yes, all packed and ready to go!”
“Where is your tin hat, PrivateSweetheart?”
“Touchmy head for luck and I’ll show you, Tommy.”
Tommy reached his hand into his top pocket, nowPrivateSweetheart’s home,
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