Private TW Sweetheart - page 3

Helloeverybody. My name isPrivateTouchWudSweetheart and I am a lucky
sweetheart charm. You can touchmy head for luck and say “TouchWood”.
Did you know I am nearly 100 years old?
Have you ever heard the saying “TouchWood”, for luck?Well, that came from
I belong toa girl calledElizabethSweetheart. She gaveme toTommyAtkins,
a soldier, to helpbring him luck anda safe return to her from thebattlefields
of theFirstWorldWar.
I now live inPrivateTommyAtkins’ pocket and together we travel across the
country by steam train toFolkestone, the town by the sea.Wemeet someof
myTouchWud family and even a famous visitingQueen inTheMoleCafé
and thenwe travel through rest camp number one before boarding theHMS
TroopshipVictoria and setting sail toBoulogne for theBattle of theSomme.
Comewithus on this historical journey aroundFolkestone during 1916, meet
some of my friends and learn all about Folkestone during theFirstWorldWar.
Here iswhere our FirstWorldWar
story begins.
Are you sitting comfortably?
Well, let’s begin.
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