Private TW Sweetheart - page 11

Ned nervously placedhis pot of bully beef and biscuit into the soldier’s hat
on the floor. The overflowing hat already held a real silver bullet pen froma
PrincessMaryTin, a packet of sweets, some cigarettes and a collectionof
“It’s your turn next,” saidNed nervously.
“Private ‘orribleOliver, will youpay attention,” shoutedPrivateHenryHorace.
NervousNed came over all of a tremble at the sound of theHenry’s booming
PrivateHenryHorace hada slight hearing problem after standing far too
close to awiz-bangwhen on the front line during theBattle of Ypres in 1914
and couldn’t hear himself speak, so healways shoutedwhen he spoke.
‘OrribleOliver spun the teetotum around until finally it came to a stop on
“Take one”.
He reached out his hand to take one item.
“Youbloomingwell cheated! I saw you pick up two!” shoutedPrivateHenry
“Cor blimey, ‘ear that boys?What a sore loser, don’t you know,” a voice
disputed from thegroup.
“Will you ’orrible lot stop that ‘orrible racket. There’s soldiers trying to sleep
back ‘ere!” bellowed a thundering sergeant’s voice from the front of the
carriage, putting an abrupt end to the game.
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