Private TW Sweetheart - page 10

Andwith that he flew into theair and startedwalking likeaMartian, arms
stretched out front of him.
Another solider was sittingwriting a letter back home to his loved ones,
uncertain of whenhewould return. The train’smotionwas juddering the
solider aroundon the seat and hewas struggling to keep his handwritingneat
or evenwrite the letter at all.
In the back carriage a game of take and put was in full swing. Lying on the
floor was a tiny coppermatch box holder – called a vesta –whichwas apiece
of ‘trench art’ that had beenmade from apenny and half penny by one of the
The vesta had been used to hold a small spinning topwithwords on eachof
its edges. It was called a teetotumand used in agame calledTake andPut.
PrivateNervousNed spun the teetotum andwatched it slow and come to a
stopon “Put two”.
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